Funded on Kickstarter in 2018, The Herston Desk lamp is a beautifully designed self-balancing desk lamp, delicately engineered to allow smooth and effortless adjustment to any position.

The Herston Desk Lamp combines high performance technology with a classic modernist design aesthetic to create an heirloom quality lamp that meets the needs of today’s world. Its unique form, founded on engineering principles, enables you to effortlessly adjust the light - whether it’s for your desk, a table or beside your bed.

With its slim, refined body made from oak, brass and cast-iron, the Herston Desk Lamp is a modern yet timeless addition to any home or workspace.

With a longstanding passion for premium craftsmanship and products that stand the test of time, we set out to design this lamp as the inaugural product of our premium brand, Herston. The concept for the lamp was based on using natural materials to create a highly functional product, using a counterbalance mechanism at its engineering core. After much product development, design and engineering - we decided to pitch the product on crowdfunding website, Kickstarter. The lamp received resounding success, sold 4 times our funding goal and was featured in many design blogs and press. We’re thrilled with its success and look forward to seeing it in homes and on shop shelves in late 2019. 

CLIENT: N/A ..... SECTOR: Lighting ..... SERVICES: Branding, Product Design, Engineering, PR ..... LAUNCH: October 2018


Product development

From the kernel of an idea to a fully functional prototype with a production plan that is viable for manufacturing, we have personally delivered this product through every stage of the process. This has involved high level design decisions about aesthertics and materials as well as detailed engineering of the product, tooling and manufacturing jigs.


Branding, Design & PR

Starting a brand from scratch has involved a great many parts, from the inital branding of Herston to CMF and visual decisions on the product itself - design thinking and practioce exists in every aspect of our business.

On a practical level, to get our brand where it is today we have managed and styled photo and video shoots, brand development, website design, social media content and the Kickstarter campaign to a resounding success.

Oliver’s engineering and product experience coupled with Greta’s visual design and strategic background, means there is no part of this great venture that doesn’t have their stamp on it. 



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