Designing a vibrant and energetic digital brand to reflect the buzz that surrounds this exciting new crypto company.

HiP Interactive Property is a groundbreaking new company that aims to release the billions of pounds caught up in property equity around the world. Offering a fascinating new finance model, the company aims to convert the equity people already have in their homes to a currency they can trade with, invest or cash-in. 

As a brand new company with a unique product to bring to market, HiP engaged us to help them communicate their  complicated concept to the public. The brand was to convey the excitement that this opportunity brings with it, but also a sense of stability and professionalism. We’re talking to people about their homes and the largest investment most people have, so it was very important we projected a brand people can trust but still get excited about. 

After an initial research and design exploration phase where three potential directions were pitched to the client, we developed the selected design route into a website, magazine template and brand guidelines. This is just the beginning for this company, so it was important we gave them a brand they understand and the tools they need to roll it out over the next few years as the company grows.

CLIENT: HiP Property ..... SECTOR: Crypto ..... SERVICES: Research, Branding, UX, Visual Design ..... LAUNCH: 2018



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