The Joseph Joseph compact level corkscrew: all the power of a full-sized lever corkscrew in a clever folding design. 

Corkscrews are notoriously difficult to use products. The small and compact ones are generally much harder to use and can be especially tricky for people with weak or arthritic hands. The lever corkscrews on the market address this issue using mechanical advantage but are much bulkier products and difficult to store (drawer-catchers is a term often used for such products). 

The Joseph Joseph compact lever corkscrew provides the mechanical advantage of a lever corkscrew in a compact form that collapses into itself to take up minimal space when not in use. Its simple design removes corks in one simple action using its non-stick screw thread, which glides smoothly into any cork. The corkscrew also features an integrated foil cutter, meaning you have everything you need to open a bottle in this one neat and tidy product.

The Chambers studio was approached by Joseph Joseph with a brief to come up with a hero product for their Barwise™ range, a bottle opener to match the lever giants on the market. We researched these competitors and found that many of the products were quite flawed and customers were frustrated by the storage space they required and awkward shape they came in. With this insight we developed the new solution with a collapsing lever, taking up less space when not in use and providing a much better customer experience. 

CLIENT: Joseph Joseph ..... SECTOR: Barware ..... SERVICES: Research, Concept, Industrial Design, Engineering ..... LAUNCH: 2019

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Research and ideation

We thoroughly researched the sector, watching user videos and trawling product reviews to pinpoint the key frustrations customers had with the existing products on the market. From there we prioritised pain-points,  brainstormed solutions and presented our findings and key concepts back to the client.


Product development

Once a concept had been selected we took it into development, iterating on our idea, working on the visuals and eventually doing the engineering to provide detailed CAD drawings of every component. We provided ongoing support throughout the tooling phase to ensure a smooth route to manufacture and quality product on the other side.


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